Age: 3+

PRIMA: meets 1x per week, 45 min (4 class times offered)

Prima is the foundational class at Honolulu Classical Ballet that introduces young students to the world of dance. A child’s sense of creativity and imagination are encouraged while introducing them to the fundamental elements of movement. This entry level class explores the creative and physical dimensions of each child in consideration to their cognitive, physical, and social developmental needs. Children are introduced to music, rhythm, and movement while exploring the concepts of space, time, force, body and form. Classroom exercises develop gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, while introducing students to the structure, etiquette and discipline of dance.

Age: 4+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

INTRO TO BALLET TECHNIQUE: meets 1x per week, 1 hr (3 class times offered)

Intro to Ballet Technique provides a critical transition from Prima to the first level of classical ballet training at Honolulu Classical Ballet. Fundamentals of foundational ballet technique will be introduced in this course. Students will become familiar with the structure and discipline of a ballet class. This is the first level of training where students are introduced to barre work and basic ballet terminology. Music, movement, and creativity continue to be explored for an efficient transition from Prima to Intro to Ballet Technique.

Age:  6+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

PREPARATORY TO BALLET TECHNIQUE 1: meets 2x per week, 1hr (2 class times offered) 

In Preparatory to Ballet Technique 1, students continue their technical development started in the Intro to Ballet Tech level. Students learn execution of ballet positions, combinations, the progression of a standard ballet barre, and learning the French vocabulary that defines all ballet steps. Students move into beginning center work, away from the support of the ballet barre. They learn to memorize longer combinations as the class advances as well as developing accurate preparatory positions that serve as a base for technical elements in upper level classes.

Age: 7+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

BALLET TECHNIQUE 1: meets 2x per week, 1 hr

In Ballet Tech 1, students expand their ballet vocabulary and are introduced to right and left side barre work as they continue their training in proper execution of positions, preparations, technical steps. As the students’ strength and classical technique progresses, steps in center work combinations are added. This class also introduces self-discipline, focus, diligence, character development, and teamwork.

Age: 7+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion) 

BALLET TECHNIQUE 1A: meets 3x per week, 1 hr

This class builds upon the foundation begun in Ballet Technique 1 and focuses on consolidating and further developing the dancers’ classical technique. Dancers in this level should have a clear understanding of proper execution of technical steps and continue to acquire ballet vocabulary as artistic expression is introduced. Students learn longer combinations and choreography with an attention to detail. Classroom focus, problem solving skills, and strength in character are highly encouraged.

Age: 9 (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

BALLET TECHNIQUE 2: 3 classes per week, 1 hr/1.25 hrs

Dancers are required to have a clear understanding of classical technique and accurately execute technical steps on a consistent basis. Combinations at barre and center work become increasingly complex with a focus on technical accuracy, musicality and attention to “turn-out”. Artistry is developed through consistent performance opportunities as the dancer matures.  Performing  is an integral part of a dancer's training at Honolulu Classical Ballet.

Age:  11+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

BALLET TECHNIQUE 3: meets 4x per week, 8 hrs weekly              

Ballet Tech 3 is a class for serious dance student. The focus of this class is to develop the well-rounded ballet dancer. Advanced combinations coupled with clean and precise technique is required in this level. Students are trained to develop problem solving skills in their class work as they continue their creative development as young artists. Consistent work ethic, self-discipline, and accountability are expected in this class.

Age: 11+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

POINTE TECHNIQUE: meets 1x per week, 45 min

In this class, students are introduced to the next step in classical ballet training.  Proper alignment of the feet and body for correct placement in pointe shoes is stressed, serving as a foundation for healthy technical training. Foot strength is developed through repetitive exercises at the barre and later in center work. This class, in conjunction with Ballet Technique 3 and Ballet Technique 4 prepares students for solo classical and neoclassical variations on pointe. Focus and diligence, with proper execution of technique is required for safety and progress in this class.  

Age: 12+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)

BALLET TECHNIQUE 4: meets 4x per wk, 8 hrs weekly

Ballet Tech 4 students have a solid classical technical base and have been exposed to all sub-genres of ballet - classical, neoclassical, and contemporary ballet. Strength and accuracy in pointe work is further developed as students mature in their technical and artistic training. Self-motivation and the individual’s drive towards excelling in the art form are a must in this level. Classical ballet variations are taught and coached (first-hand), as the dancer develops technically and artistically onstage (in performances) and offstage (in the class setting). Dancers in this level are expected to have a good understanding of teamwork and great leadership skills.

Age: 12+ (Entry to this class at Director’s discretion)


The goal of the Pre Professional Program is to prepare the students for success in the next stages of their personal and professional lives. Students are selected into this program based on technical skill, work ethic, self discipline, and strong leadership qualities. This program is taught with an eye towards excellence in dance and character development. Students at this level are well versed in classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet and are well trained for their next steps as a dancer and individual.

 Age: 8+

EXPLORE BALLET: meets 1x per week, 1 hr

This class is designed for students who are entering the world of ballet at a later age or would like utilize classical ballet as a tool to enhance their skills in other extracurricular activities. The structure of this class includes a 30- minute barre, followed by 30-minutes of center work.

Age: 7+

PILATES: meets 1x per week, 1 hr

This weekly Pilates/Conditioning class is taught by a licensed physical therapist who specializes in dance therapy. Performance Pilates is geared toward strengthening each dancer’s body for healthy technical development in ballet classes. Pilates aids in a dancer’s technical development by helping to build core strength, proper alignment, and increased flexibility. These are all crucial elements that contribute to a dancer’s overall performance quality and injury prevention.

Age: Youth-Adult

DROP-IN TECHNIQUE: meets 4x per week, 1.25-1.5 hrs

This class is designed for the ballet enthusiast, taught at an intermediate level in a structured yet friendly environment. Barre and center exercises are learned through series of combinations.  A great workout for every dancer as they learn correct execution of technical steps, balance point and musicality in the art form.  No dress code required for this class, however form-fitting attire is recommended.  

Age: Youth-Adult

DROP-IN JAZZ: meets 1x per week, 1.25 hrs

This intermediate level jazz class is designed for dancers with a solid classical ballet foundation, introducing additional elements of movement and rhythm. Drop In Jazz is an upbeat, high energy class that includes warm-up, stretches, isolations, and center combinations.