Our Program

We are a specialized ballet school that offers first-class training in classical ballet. The school prepares the serious pre-professional dance student for entry into larger, competitive mainland schools and artistic training in classical ballet. Our curriculum incorporates principle elements of the American, French, Italian, and Russian schools of ballet training. We also train select students for high-level national and international competitions, such as Youth American Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne, New York International Ballet Competition, and the Boston International Ballet Competition.

We believe that students are motivated to learn and improve through positive guidance. We work on developing self-awareness, discipline, accountability, respect for themselves and their community, integrity in who they are and passion for what they do.


Dancer Wellness

Dancer wellness is a priority at Honolulu Classical Ballet. We stress the importance of physical health, injury prevention, and emotional wellness.

Our studio provides sprung flooring to prevent injury. We have state of the art vinyl dance topping, used by leading professional ballet companies nationwide. Additionally, we have a network of dance related specialists (physicians, nutritionists and physical therapists) who work one on one with students for cross-training, alignment, nutrition, and injury prevention.

We believe that open communication is at the core of healthy, positive relationships between students, parents, and teachers. Our studio encourages a sense of esprit de corps, as we believe this enhances the emotional well being of all of our dancers.